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Client Testimonials

  • Great job Alan. On a scale of 1-10 you score !2. Thanks so much…Ken Ken Key West, FL
  • Alan Fowler is a skillful listener and a masterful wordsmith! I approached Alan with a very convoluted story, while I … SF Key West, FL
  • I am an active duty member of the military, and I was placed under investigation for multiple charges. I felt that I had … He Was the First Person to Truly Listen to My Story Key West, FL

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Case Results

  • Jury found the driver not guilty. Driver acquitted of DUI in Key West, Florida. Driver allegedly failed field sobriety exercises and …
  • . Jury found the man not guilty Man acquitted of animal cruelty and battery in Key West, Florida. Passerby at Mallory Square, …
  • Dropped of the criminal charges College student gets PTI for drug and alcohol charges in Key West, Florida. Recent high school …
  • Investigation and findings dropped against Naval Officer in Key West, Florida. Officer, married for …

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Key West Criminal Defense Attorney

A Philosophy of Relentless, Capable Advocacy

Not only are criminal accusations frightening, but they can be very stressful when handled without the strong legal guidance of a knowledgeable Key West criminal defense lawyer. At Alan Fowler Law, PLLC, I measure success on my ability to achieve strong results for clients and on the trust that they place in my firm. I am Alan Fowler, and my approach to criminal defense representation is to blend excellent leadership and effective advocacy.

If you are searching for defense representation, I believe I can provide
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Why Choose Alan Fowler to Defend Your Freedom?

When deciding on who you trust to defend you against criminal charges, look for someone with experience and someone who truly cares about the results of your case.

Here are five reasons why I am the best option for your legal defense:

  1. I take the time to explain each step of the case to my client.
  2. I make sure that my clients understand what is happening in their case.
  3. I always remain in contact with my clients.
  4. I take the time to understand the concerns and goals of my clients.
  5. I will fight for the best possible result in each case I take on.

I see my duty to provide aggressive and strategic legal representation and to hold the prosecution accountable in each case. I tailor strategies and techniques to fit the needs of each case because I know that no two cases are the same and they should not be treated as such.

I can help you understand your defense options and fight for your rights in and out of court. I have the credentials you can rely on for your representation. In addition to being licensed in the state of Florida, I am admitted to practice in the United States District Court, Southern District Court of Florida, as well as the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Having served with the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps , I also have the strong qualifications necessary to represent clients navigating complex military criminal cases .

Leading, Guiding, and Fighting for You

My firm begins each criminal defense case by listening to the clients’ concerns in order to build an effective defense. When I take on a case, I think of the client and myself as a team who are working together through different roles to achieve the same objective and end goal. Whether the case involves a first-time driving under the influence crime or is a serious violent crime charge, I am here to advocate on behalf of my clients with aggressive, tough, and strategic representation. I always choose the path of least resistance that is specific to and beneficial for each client.

People make mistakes all the time. When that mistake results in a criminal charge, I truly believe that the defendant should not have to be defined by a momentary lapse in judgment. This is the belief that has guided the representation I provide. I serve my clients with quality service by leading, guiding and fighting for their rights both in court and out.

In addition to those previously mentioned, I am able to offer defense counsel and representation for individuals in Key West currently facing charges or investigation of:

My goal is to simplify the legal process for clients. Many aspects of the country’s legal ideas create a level of complexity for all involved. At Alan Fowler Law, PLLC, I seek to simplify the law for my clients’ benefit. Even when facing a federal crime, I am able to help them choose the proper direction for their case. If the judicial system appears stressful, you can rely on us to explain things to you clearly.

I can fight to achieve the optimal result for you, so contact Alan Fowler Law, PLLC today!