Why The First Ten Days After A DUI Arrest Are So Important

One of the most devastating parts to many DUI cases is the possibility that you will have your driver’s license suspended. If your license is suspended, you will not be permitted to drive, and this can be a real hardship on you. Without the ability to drive, you may have to rely on a friend or family member to take you where you need to go, or you may even have to resort to taking a cab or calling a driving service. The expense of finding other forms of transportation can quickly add up, and it would be much better if you were able to drive yourself. It is possible to still drive, even if you get a DUI, but you have to act fast.

If your license was taken away when you were arrested for DUI, you can make a request for an administrative review of the suspension. However, you only have a limited time within which to make this request, so quick action is needed. You have ten days after the day of your DUI arrest to seek an administrative review, and these ten days are important because:

● If you miss the deadline, you are not able to make a late request for review of your license suspension.
● If you do not make a request for review, one will not be given, and this means your license will be suspended for the time set by the court in your case.

In a good number of cases where timely review is made, the driver is granted a modified right to drive. With a modified license you are able to go to and from work, school, church, doctor appointments, and to see your attorney. The benefit of getting a modified license is that you are still able to drive for necessary purposes, and this allows you to take care of the things that you need to take care of every day. For more information about modified driver’s licenses, the deadline to make a request for review of your license suspension with a DUI, and what you are allowed to do if you are given a modified right to drive, call us today. We will look at the facts of your case and let you know what evidence should be presented at the administrative review hearing, and make sure you are prepared for the matter. It is worth noting this part of a DUI case is separate from the criminal portion, but it is just as important to take an aggressive position in both parts of your case.

If you have questions about DUIs and your right to drive, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West.