What To Do If You Get A DUI While On Vacation In Key West

Key West is a popular vacation destination, so popular in fact that many cruise ships make Key West one of their ports of call. With so many historic sites, shopping, world class restaurants, and bars it should come as no surprise that a fair amount of drinking goes on by people who make Key West one of their vacation stops. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from work and enjoying the sand and surf, but too many times people behave differently when they are on vacation than they do in their everyday lives. It is important to remember that even though Key West has a laidback atmosphere, there are still laws in place that must be followed.

When coming to Key West and renting a car, whether for a day stop from a cruise or for a longer vacation, the rules of the road still apply. This means if you bar hop one too many times and then drive, you can be arrested for DUI. Having to defend a DUI received while away from home on vacation presents several challenges, the biggest of which is the difference in geography from your vacation spot to your home. These issues can follow you home, which is why it is important to resolve them so you do not have to make a return trip to Key West for Court. The key is to consult with a Key West attorney as soon as possible.. Always look for alternative forms of transportation if you plan on drinking while on vacation, but if you do get pulled over and cited for DUI while in Key West, be sure to speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney before heading home. Here are some benefits to talking with an attorney while you are still in town:

● A repeat trip to Key West to provide the background information on your arrest can be avoided, which saves you time and expense.
● It can be difficult to put your trust in someone you have not met, but if you take the time to plan a short meeting with a defense attorney before your vacation ends, you feel more comfortable once you do return to your home state.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, and full of fun. But, sometimes things do get a little out of control. When that happens, call on the experience of a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney for help. If you take the time to find out your options before leaving Key West, you will take a little bit of the stress associated with being arrested for DUI off your shoulders.

If you have questions about what to do if you get a DUI while on vacation in Key West, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West. Call us today to talk about your case and learn what to do next.