How A Key West DUI Can Cost You Much More Than You Think

Just when you think you are finally done with quite possibly the most emotional and expensive legal dealing of your life, your DUI continues costing you money. How so? Because not only does a Key West DUI conviction come with major immediate fines and penalties but there are secondary penalties that many individuals don’t realize they will be paying for years to come.

Here’s a look at how a Key West DUI conviction can cost you more than you think:

  • Car Insurance: If you have ever had any type of accident or other ding on your driving record, then you already know that your car insurance company will raise your premiums for just about any reason. When it comes to a DUI, the raise is substantial and some insurance companies will drop you all together. These premiums will be high for years to come, even if you have an otherwise clean driving record and you have completed the terms of your punishment.
  • Job Prospects: Have you ever been convicted of a DUI? is a question prospective employers can and do ask about and this is something you will now need to answer for in the affirmative. The same holds true for professional licenses.
  • Alternative Transportation: Think about how much you rely on your car and your ability to drive on a daily basis? From professional to personal – your car is your life. So, now imagine how you will get to where you need and want to be when you drivers’ license is suspended or limited. Paying for alternative transportation (friends, Uber, public transportation) can really add up!

Dealing with a DUI is an expensive ordeal. If you or a loved one has recently been charged with a DUI in Key West, get in touch with local attorney Alan Fowler immediately to begin working on your defense. Working with Alan may help reduce or eliminate the impact these charges have on your life and help you avoid all the additional expenses that go with a DUI conviction! Your first consultation is always on the house so call Alan at 305.912.2516 today!