Should I Let The Police In Without A Warrant?

The rights given to us by the amendments to the United States Constitution have been under scrutiny lately because some of those rights are hot button political issues, and our country just saw an extremely hot Presidential election. Another important right that gets a lot of press is the right to remain secure in your home, free from an unreasonable search or seizure. In that regard, the right to bear arms has been hotly debated in recent weeks and months.

The 4th Amendment grants this right, but knowing how it works in real life is a lot different than what is shown on television or in the movies. If you have ever thought about whether it is a good idea to let the police perform a search without a warrant, the answer is no!

Here’s some additional information about what can happen if the police knock on your door:

• You can step outside your home and still visit with the officer, at least to learn the reason for the visit. Perhaps the reason for the visit is to find out information about activity reported in your area, and if you not involved the information you provide can help keep your neighborhood safe.
• Even if the incident that brought the police to your home, is minor such as a false security alarm or a concern about excessive noise, you may be asked to let the police step inside and perform a search. Rather than allow that to happen, you can usually resolves minor issues by making a quick apology for the inconvenience.
The bottom line here is that if the police do not have a warrant, do not let them enter. But, be sure to remain calm and polite, and contact an attorney as soon as possible if the matter escalates.

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