How Long Will Charges Stay On My Record, And What Can I Do About It?

If you have been arrested, one of things you might be wondering about is how long the charges stay on your record. You might also want to know if there is anything you can do to clear your criminal record. Both of these are very valid questions, because having a record can make things like getting a job or getting into a certain school more difficult. When trying to determine how long charges stay on your record, and what you can do about it, there are a lot of questions to answer at the outset. For example, are you wanting to seal your record or have the arrest expunged? Were the charges misdemeanor charges, or were you arrested and charged with a felony? How long has it been since the arrest, and what was the outcome of the case? These are all things that are taken into consideration when you are trying to keep harmful information off of your record.

An arrest will remain on your record forever, unless you take certain steps to have it removed. If you are interested in having your records expunged it is critical to keep the following things in mind before you undertake the process:

• An expungement will only prevent the general public from viewing your arrest record. Certain law enforcement and governmental agencies will still have access to your records.
• First time offenders have a greater chance of success at expunging their records than do people with prior offenses.
• Misdemeanor charges are treated differently than felony charges.
• The outcome of your case plays a role in whether the Court will enter an order of expungement
Knowing that not all crimes are eligible for expungement or that how your case was ultimately decided can impact your chances at expungement is an important part in your decision as to whether you seek an expungement. Let us review the facts of your case, and let you know your options. We know your privacy is important to you, and having an arrest record can infringe on those privacy concerns. We will talk over your choices with you, so you can make a decision that works.

If you have questions about how to clear your arrest record, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West.