How Long Will My Key West DUI Case Take?

We like to say that, a Key West DUI takes a long time and no time at all.

On the one hand, the fateful encounter with the police that lead to your charge may seem like a blur.  Thereafter, dealing with the legal aspects of your case may seem to go on forever.

Why does it take so long?

It part, it’s because the charges against you are so serious. Between scheduling multiple hearings, gathering necessary evidence, and ultimately dealing with sentencing, a Key West DUI can take months. Working with an experienced Key West DUI attorney can make sure that this process goes as quickly as possible, while also simultaneously mounting the best possible defense for you and your future. Local attorney Alan Fowler can help.

So why does a DUI case seem to take so long? Here’s a look at some of the things that go into making this a long process:

  • Formal Charges: While you know it is coming, following your arrest, sobriety tests, and a night in jail, you are not charged with a DUI until the prosecution files charges with the Clerk of Court. Thereafter, during your arraignment, you enter your plea of Not Guilty, and the Court will schedule the future hearings in your case.
  • Evidence Gathering: While gathering evidence may seem to take longer than you think it should, this part of the process is really for your benefit: gathering the evidence needed to present your best defense.
  • Trial & Sentencing: The length of your trial depends on a lot of things, including the nature of the DUI charge and your criminal record. Also, the court calendar and the prosecutor’s schedule can impact your trial date.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a DUI trial, primarily because it is such a serious charge. But please know, just because you are charged with a DUI in Key West does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted of it. Working with an experienced DUI attorney represents your best chance of defeating or reducing the charges against you.

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