A Look At Primary & Secondary Key West DUI Penalties

A Look At Primary & Secondary Key West DUI PenaltiesYou are never really done dealing with a Key West DUI conviction. And that unfortunate reality is something many individuals learn the hard way. From when you are initially pulled over to the field sobriety test to receiving the charges in your case, dealing with a DUI is an incredibly intimidating and frustrating experience.

The most significant penalty is the simple fact a DUI conviction can never be sealed or expunged.
Some of the primary penalties attached to a Key West DUI include:
• Heavy fines
• Probation
• License suspension and/or revocation
• Community service
• Mandatory attendance of a victim impact panel
• Vehicle impound
• Mandatory DUI or substance abuse education courses
• Installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle

As you can see from the list above, Key West takes DUI punishment very seriously, and the imposition of any or all of these penalties will have a major impact on your personal and professional life.

Unfortunately, the list does not stop there.

The secondary penalties of a DUI will impact your life as well. You will see your car insurance premiums skyrocket for years to come. This is perhaps a logical, though frustrating consequence of a DUI. After all, car insurance companies raise rates for just about anything, so it is no wonder that when you have a DUI conviction on your record, they will raise your rates, if not drop you all together.

It’s one thing to privately see your insurance rates rise. Perhaps worse yet, you will have to disclose a DUI conviction on important applications, read by future employers, loan officers, and so forth. Anything from a housing application to a job application to a loan application can ask about whether you have been convicted of a DUI. If you have or are applying for a professional license, they can ask about that there too.

If you want to limit the impact a Key West DUI will have on your life both in the immediate and the long term, then you want attorney Alan Fowler on your side. Your first consultation with Alan is always free. So, pick up the phone today, and let’s fight this! Call Alan at 305.912.2516 today!