Why Was More Than One Charge Filed When I Only Got Arrested Once?

The legal world is unfamiliar to most people. Many of the legal terms used are derived from Latin or are poorly-titled by our politicians. You’d be hard pressed to find many people who have a fluency in Latin and, perhaps, even less people who can make sense of the acts of our elected officials. In order to make sure your case is handled properly, it is best to put it in the hands of a trained legal professional, so all of the rules are followed and your I’s dotted and T’s crossed, especially if the type of case you are involved in is a criminal matter against you.

When you have a question, a qualified criminal defense attorney will be able to provide accurate answers and help guide you towards a resolution that makes sense. One of the common first questions is the interplay between an arrest and the charges that are later filed against a defendant. Often, a criminal case is made up of more than one charge, even though you are only arrested one time. This is because a single incident can include multiple “bad acts.” Here are some examples:

● If you are arrested for drunk or disorderly conduct, you might also face a charge of battery, if you were in a fight during the incident.
● An accident caused by driving while intoxicated can result in one arrest but multiple charges for DUI and for causing the accident.

This reality becomes important when you are developing your defense strategy. You are required to defend against all of the charges against you, and sometimes you can dispose of one charge by agreeing to enter a plea on a more serious charge. This type of resolution is not uncommon in misdemeanor cases, and most particularly in DUI matters where an underlying traffic charge exists. In that instance you might agree to enter a plea to the charge of DUI in exchange for the prosecution dropping a Reckless Driving charge that led up to you being pulled over. Another part of that type of defense strategy may include an agreement to go on probation for the DUI in exchange for the DUI charge being reduced at the end of your probation. In order to receive that type of treatment, you will need to successfully complete your probation by fully complying with all of the probationary requirements.
The above example makes clear that there are many different combinations of charges, and just as many different ways to defend those
charges. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology and process, it can be like learning a foreign language. For an evaluation of your case and our advice on how to best defend the charges against you, call us today.

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