Possible Punishment For Marijuana Possession

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has gained a lot of momentum in several states. But even when marijuana is made legal for a medical purpose, there are still rules that have to be followed in order to fall in line with what is considered lawful use or possession. If you fail to abide by one of those rules, your activity can be classified as illegal, and you can be charged with a variety of drug-related crimes. One of the possible charges is possession of marijuana, which carries a range of punishment from the relatively minor to quite severe. Knowing the possible punishment can help you to develop an effective defense to the charges.

Despite recent voter approval of certain acts associated with marijuana, there are still many illegal actions. Here is a list of the possible punishments you can face for a possession of marijuana charge:

● Loss of freedom and independence, by being sentenced to a jail term.
● Loss of your driver’s license, if you are adjudicated guilty.
● Some cases are resolved by the defendant agreeing to go on probation. During your probation you will have to abide by certain rules and terms, and if you do not then you can face the full range of punishment possible in your case. This could include jail time, or other harsh consequences.

As far as punishment goes, “none of the above” is not usually an option when you are charged with possession, so it is critical to have the right defense attorney on your side. We are skilled at dissecting the facts of your case and arguing for a punishment that fits those facts. If you have been arrested for possession, or are confused over what is now legal versus what might still be against the law, call our office. We will talk over your case with you and let you know what to expect. Until it is completely and fully legal, you will need help defending possession of marijuana charges.

If you have questions about criminal possession of marijuana charges, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West.