Spring Break Is Right Around The Corner, How To Avoid An Arrest While In The Keys

After the winter holiday break, most students go back to school and start planning for their spring break trip. There are a lot of popular destinations, from ski trips to weekend beach getaways. And, part of most spring break trips includes pit stops at local bars or restaurants, where alcohol is served. When it is all good fun and no one gets hurt, it is all good. But when things take a turn for the worse and an arrest is made, a spring break trip can leave sour taste in a student’s mouth. Some of the more common arrests are for Disorderly Conduct and DUI.

Most of us don’t have a reason to feel concern about an arrest while on spring break, because we do not intend to be committing any crimes. But, when alcohol or drugs are involved, people can make mistakes and act out of character. Here are some things to remember (especially if a DUI is a possibility) that will help you avoid an arrest while on spring break in Key West:

• Make alternate transportation arrangements before heading out for the day or night. If you have a plan in place before you begin the festivities, you can be assured that your trip will not be spoiled by an unexpected arrest.
• Remember to be aware of your surroundings and that, just because you are in a tropical paradise, there are still rules that have to be followed.
• Be sure to take information with you that is helpful, such as an emergency contact number, so you have someone to call if you need help.

If an arrest does happen though, be sure to seek counsel before heading home. If you are able to leave your trip with the information needed to defend charges against you, you will be that much farther along in the process when you get back to your reality. This will help because the first step will have been taken, and you can then focus on what is needed next. We have helped people charged with all sorts of crimes, and can help you too. We enjoy having tourists and visitors to Key West, but do want those visitors to have a good experience. When trouble arises, we work to protect your rights and understand the challenges that are presented if you are from out of town.

For help with an arrest in Key West while on vacation or spring break, call our office today. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West.