Three Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested you might be tempted to try and find a way out on your own and represent yourself in Court. You are allowed to proceed in this fashion, but if you do, you will be held to the same standards of an attorney. This means you will be expected to be familiar with all of the court rules and procedures, including when to appear in court and how to introduce evidence on your own behalf. This is tricky for some lawyers and even more so if you do not have the education or training to undertake these tasks.

So, while the law does allow a defendant or party to an action to act as their own attorney, it is not advisable. Here are three good reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney instead:

• Many criminal defense attorneys focus their practices on a few areas of the law and after time have built up a working relationship with the prosecuting attorneys. This relationship becomes beneficial when negotiating terms of punishment, because after people have worked together for a time, it is common to know what to expect. It is also gives you the ability to anticipate what type of strategy will be used in the case against you, so an effective defense can be presented.
• The terminology used in legal cases is almost like a foreign language, and you can expect the judge and prosecuting attorney to use words you may not know. Cases can move quickly, and if you are uncertain about the meaning of what is being said or written, it is hard to defend yourself.
• Without knowing the rules of evidence, you will not know what to do to keep harmful pieces of information from being admitted against you and may also not know how to be sure the good evidence does find its way to the court. When the cards are stacked against you in this way, it is difficult to be effective when defending your case.

So, while it might seem like a money-saver to represent yourself, you can actually end up with a bad result and spending more to get it fixed. If you have been arrested for a crime, even if it seems minor, call us for help. We will make sure the defense fits the facts, and will work with you to reach satisfactory results.

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