Three Reasons To Use A Local Key West Attorney For Your Criminal Case Rather Than A “Big City” Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a crime, you want to get the best defense possible for your case. This requires you to find an attorney that has experience in the area at issue, which might be someone here locally in the Keys or could even be someone from a large firm in Miami. It may seem like a good idea initially to go with an attorney from Miami, because bigger means better, right? Well, not necessarily. And, when your freedom is at risk, it is crucial to know what matters.

When facing a criminal case, like a DUI, Disorderly Conduct, or a marine life violation, you probably know that there could be fines and, possibly, jail time. You need to find an advocate, who can analyze your case, and, also, minimize your potential punishment. Here are a few reasons why it is better to use a local attorney for your defense rather than a “big city” lawyer:

• “Home Cooking.” A Key West attorney has had cases against your prosecuting attorney and before your judge. We know best what type of tactics will be used against you. We know what the judge cares about and doesn’t care about. An out-of-towner probably doesn’t.
• Local Knowledge. Don’t let a “big city” lawyer, fool you – every county and every courtroom is different. Local attorneys are more familiar with local practices, and we can better follow the Court’s rules and procedures due to that familiarity. We’ve seen out-of-town lawyers get caught with their pants down, sometimes to the detriment of their client, because they simply don’t know “who’s who in the zoo.” Don’t let that be you.
• Local Relationships. Local attorneys are known by the Court staff and prosecution, which means we are often given the benefit of the doubt when asking for special docketing dates or other extraordinary calendar requests. For example, I recently appeared in court, and I shared that my client had recently passed away, which means that his case should be terminated. The prosecutor wanted proof. The judge, who I’ve known for years – dating back to before he was a judge – said, “I’m going to take Mr. Fowler at his word and continue the case. Please send me a copy of his death certificate.” The good reputation of a local attorney can go a long way towards a smoother processing of your case.

It is important not to confuse using a local with an automatic victory. The rules of the law still have to be followed, and the Court won’t give special treatment when anyone who doesn’t apply the law to the facts of your case. But, the bottom line is you can expect a degree of ease and familiarity from a local lawyer that an out-of-towner may not enjoy. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and skill and, also, on our experience with the local bench and bar. For help with a criminal matter in Key West, choose a local Key West attorney.

If you have questions about criminal defense, call Key West criminal defense attorney today to talk about your case and learn what to do next.