Three Things To Consider When Seeking Expungement Of A Criminal Record

Having a clean criminal record is important for a lot of reasons. One of the most well-known reasons for keeping your record clear is that it is easier to get a job if you do not have a criminal record. But, a criminal record impacts your life in other ways – some of them may come as surprises. For example, did you know some landlords will not rent to a person with a criminal record? It is also not uncommon for a car rental agency to deny rental to people who have dings on their record. And, you might not be able to obtain certain licenses or permits (such as the right to carry a weapon) if your criminal record contains certain information. If you have concern over whether things in your past may come back to haunt you, take action to make sure your rights are protected. One way you can do this is to seek an expungement of your record, if you qualify.

Florida law contains a process whereby a criminal defendant can ask a judge to expunge their record. Three things to consider when seeking an expungement of a criminal record, and that will help determine if you are eligible, include:

1. If you were arrested, but charges were never filed, you might qualify for an expungement of the arrest record.
2. If you were arrested, but the charges against you were later dismissed you can ask that the information about the arrest and subsequent charges be cleared from your record.
3. If you were found not guilty, or were successful on probation, you can request expungement of the charges.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, such as being in a better position to get a job or apply for certain things, having an order of expungement can also help you to stay on the road. If the charges were traffic related and you are successful in getting them expunged, harmful points stay off of your driving record. This is important because the more points you accumulate, the more likely you are to lose your license or pay more for insurance. But, be careful when asking for an expungement of your record, because not every case is eligible for the process. In order to help you determine if you can seek an expungement, and if so, how the result will benefit you, call us today. We will look over the facts of your case and explain your options to you.

If you have questions about clearing your criminal record, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Key West.