Two Ways To Land On The Habitual Traffic Offender List

All of us have driven faster than the speed limit at one time or another, or “rolled” through a stop sign when in a hurry. Minor traffic offenses such as these may seem insignificant, but the more frequently you engage in driving patterns that are considered against the law, the more likely you are to wind up without a driver’s license. If you lose your right to drive, the hardship on you and your family can be great, because you will have to find some other way to get around. For one-driver families, or for those of us that drive a lot every day, it can be a real challenge to find alternative forms of transportation when you aren’t able to drive yourself. But, that is exactly what can happen if you aren’t careful and take too many risks behind the wheel.

In Florida, if you do certain things while driving, you can be placed on the Habitual Traffic Offender List. If you are placed on this list, your license can be taken away from you. Here are two ways to land on the Habitual Traffic Offender List:

● If you rack up more than fifteen tickets for a moving violation, you will be considered a habitual traffic offender. A moving violation is something that happens while you are driving, like getting too many speeding tickets or receiving a citation for reckless driving.
● If you get more than three convictions for more serious driving incidents, like DUI, you will be classified as a habitual traffic offender.

These violations are noted on your driving record, and each notation is “worth” a certain amount of points. When too many points are accumulated, you are considered a habitual traffic offender and your driver’s license can be suspended. It is also worth noting that if your license is already suspended and you drive anyway, you will be arrested or receive a Notice To Appear in court for driving without a license. This misdemeanor case can lead to a longer suspension of your driver’s license. And, if you get too many convictions for Driving With A Suspended License, you can be labed a Habitual Traffic Offender and any subsequent Driving With A Suspended License charge could be a felony.
The best way to avoid being on the Habitual Traffic Offender list is to aggressively defend every traffic ticket you receive. It might seem pointless to try and fight a simple speeding ticket, but if you don’t, you give up your chance to keep points off of your record. Always keep in mind there is no case that is not worth defending, especially when it comes to being able to maintain your right to drive.

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