When Will Marijuana Be Legal In Florida?

Not that many years ago the State of Colorado decided to legalize marijuana, for limited purposes. A handful of states soon followed suit, and there are now at least two dozen states with some form of legalized marijuana on their law books. Florida allows the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and this step has led many to wonder when states will begin to adopt measures that legalize the use of marijuana for multiple purposes. The question is a good one, because until clear lines are drawn in the sand, there remains the possibility of being arrested and charged with possession. Possession charges can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount of marijuana, but, in most cases, it’s a misdemeanor. Given these chances, it is smart to keep informed about what is in store for us all as far as the legalization of marijuana is concerned.

An article on the subject had this to say about what we can expect now that medical marijuana has been given the green light in Florida:

• Just because legalization of the substance for medical purposes has passed, do not expect many of those that are in need of medical marijuana to receive it quickly. This is because some of the rules and regulations that will govern how this law works have not yet been drafted, and they are not slated to be drafted for a few more months yet.
• Once everything is in place, a patient must first establish a three month relationship with a physician before a prescription can be written.
• Terminal patients are entitled to a different strength prescription than patients who do not suffer from a terminal illness.

With these rules in place and more to come, it is easy to imagine a legal world full of confusion when it comes to marijuana-related cases. If you have been charged with possession or another marijuana related crime, it is best to get an experienced attorney to help you. While many of the laws surrounding possession remain unchanged, there may be defenses possible to your case that simply did not exist a few short years ago. Let us help you find a defense strategy that works, and take on your case with skilled and thoughtful representation.

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