Will Reckless Driving Cause Me To Lose My License?

Having a driver’s license is a privilege, and not necessarily a right. This is easily forgotten, because most of us take it for granted that we are going to be able to get up every day and get in our car to go where we need. There are some things that will cause you to lose your right to drive, and some of them may not be as obvious as you might think.

Having too many tickets, in too short a time period is one way you can lose your license. Being convicted of DUI is another way your driver’s license is put in jeopardy. And you can even face possible loss of your driving privileges if you are charged with reckless driving. Reckless Driving is a more serious driving offense than simply driving faster than the law allows, and here are some things to know about how Reckless Driving charges can impact your license:

• A first time offender can be jailed for up to 90 days, or pay a fine of between $25.00 and $500.00. The punishment for a first time offender might be incarceration, payment of the fine, or both.
• A second offense for reckless driving carries jail time of up to 6 months, a fine of between $50.00 and $1,000.00, or both.
• The law also provides for a mandatory revocation of your driver’s license if you have three Reckless Driving convictions within a twelve-month period.

Sometimes, multiple charges are filed against you, including lesser violations along with a charge of Reckless Driving. In order to reach a satisfactory outcome in these types of cases, you have to defend all of the charges against you. This requires a thorough review of your case, and the development of a defense strategy geared towards disposing of all of the charges. We have experience defending people charged with any number of, and all types of criminal charges. Let us help you maintain your driving privileges, and help to minimize the impact criminal charges can have on your life. We understand how crucial it is to stay out of jail, so you can continue to go to work and/or school, and provide for your family. We work with you so you are informed every step of the way, and feel comfortable about where your case is headed.

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